A station model barometric pressure reading of 996 would convert to

  • a station model barometric pressure reading of 996 would convert to Jan 14, 2008 · PRESSURE Sea-level pressure is plotted in tenths of millibars (mb), with the leading 10 or 9 omitted. 70 pounds per square inch 1 torr = 1 millimeter of mercury (Hg) K-2-ETS1-3 3-5-ETS1-1 HS-ETS1-2 . In this example, the air pressure would have been: 1019. 1 In this part of the laboratory exercise, you will construct station models from What are the rules for converting the barometric pressure to be put on a. HOBOwaresoftware provides easy conversion to accurate water level readings, fully-compensated for barometric pressure, temperature and water density. Base Pressure = 14. 29. (rounded to 8 digits) Display result asNumberFraction (exact value) A millibar is a unit of pressure equal to 1/1000thof a bar, or 100 pascals. 77: Temperature 68: Dewpoint. 07 inHg. 2 Barometer. 8 millibars The pressure value 996 hPa (hectopascal) in words is "nine hundred and ninety-six hPa (hectopascal)". April 15, 2019 Monica Devlin Comments . 489. PerformancePlusTire. 1666V/Inch . In Figure 12, the temperatures in Wufeng are lower than that in Bao. sinking and moist D. ASOS calculates a 1-minute average pressure once each minute using the six 10-second readings. The Porsche 996 is the internal designation for the 911 model manufactured from 1997 to 2006 It was replaced by the 997 in 2004 but the high performance Turbo S, GT2 and GT3 variants remained in production until 2006. 28 29. Leveloggers measure absolute pressure (water pressure + atmospheric pressure) expressed in feet, meters, centimeters, psi, kPa, or bar. List the letters of the four station models, in order, from the station with the highest air-pressure reading to the station with the lowest air-pressure reading. A “station” can be any location (eg. 56 999 14. 1. The thousands and hundreds digits, and the decimal point are not plotted to reduce clutter. The value will be converted to all other units of the actual measure. Barometric Pressure (millibars) Enter your Station Pressure reading from the lab barometer: 842. 67 SBP270 BAROMETRIC PRESSURE SENSOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL DESCRIPTION The SBP270 Barometric Pressure Sensor (SBP270) is a high accuracy barometer designed for use with the CR7, 21X, and CR10 dataloggers. Under Pitot tube reading (velocity pressure, inches of water) read air velocity, feet per minute. 42 1030. rising and dry C. 013 x 105 pascals = 14. Hi Guys, I'm bored with my 911 (996) and was thinking of replacing it BUT i've now decided to get the 997 front end conversion but I am struggling to find somewhere I can get it done. Covers temperature, abbreviated air pressure, dew point, wind, and current weather symbols. The station model can also contain information on pressure tendency and change over the last 3 hours Often the app will then set the altitude to zero as alt is irrelevant after knowing the absolute air pressure Absolute air pressure is the measured air pressure right where your standing, the reading taken with an actual hand held barometer. High quality carbon with fiberglass parts for Ducati 748, 916, 996, 998 available in various compositions, weaves, finishes and colors. The pressure measured at a station, without any adjustment. Being from the US, I work in degrees F. Even a few miles can affect a barometer reading. 5 mm Hg (0. Add either a 10 or 9 in front based on which would bring the value closer to 1000. If I take a barometric altimeter up to space (e. 91 1046. 74 29. What was the barometric pressure three hours ago? 998. The purpose of the manual hand is so that you can quickly and easily see which direction the needle has moved, and how far, between readings: Barometric pressure – Current readings, along with readings from the previous 12-hours, are indicated on the display. 6 hpa). 64 meters above sea-level require factory modification. The pressure here has fallen . Adjusting altitude setting on weather station to read correct barometric pressure at this location. Accurate Barometric Compensation. 9 mb Altimeter setting: The spreadsheet will calculate Sea-Level Pressure: 1027. The station pressure is determined by adjusting the corrected barometric pressure to compensate for the difference between the height of the barometer and the designated station elevation. One will show the barometric pressure reading, and the other is a manual dial that you align to the pressure reading whenever you take a measurement. 996 Millibars =. Some of the allowed values are shown on the right side of the figure. However, It let me name Aug 18, 2020 · First unveiled at the 1997 Frankfurt Auto Show and put on sale for the 1999 model year, the 996-generation 911 was a massive departure from the 35 years of air-cooled 911 magnificence the world mercury, or 1013. inHg mmHg. Skyscan Weather Station reads barometric pressure NOT adjusted to sea level. 42: To 996, or Not to 996, That Is the Question Categories: Podcast Rui Ma and Ying Lu Posted on April 13, 2019 January 13, 2020 In Episode 42 of TechBuzz China , co-hosts Ying-Ying Lu and Rui Ma turn their attention to the developer-led movement 996. Also put a decimal point in front of the last number EX: 091=1009. S. 0295 inches of mercury). 0 mb and 30. 88. Three data values are needed to convert local pressure to sea level pressure: The elevation of the barometer above mean sea level. 6 mb In tenths of mb Mar 14, 2016 · Overview of the use of the Station Model to represent current weather. 460. My local weather station reports barometric pressure in inches of mercury (Hg). A pressure of 1017 mb equals _____ inches b. 49 mm Hg Determining DO Saturation An altimeter works by sensing static air pressure. , and using a conversion factor of 33. Mar 17, 2009 · In the plotted station model the 3 digit number to the upper right of the station circle is the barometric pressure. it will look like 196 for pressures 1000 millibars and higher: actually hectopascals now, hPa, and 992 for pressures below 1000 hPa. The pressure units in the pressure converter "atmosphere (atm, standard), atmosphere (technical), attobar, attopascal, bar, barad, barye, centimeter of mercury (0°C), centimeter of water (4°C), centibar, centipascal, centipascal, centitorr, decibar, decipascal, dekabar, dekapascal, dyne/square Air pressure at station altitude This map displays the observed air pressure at a station not accounting for changes in altitude. The console provides A/D conversion, calculations, and data display. station pressure and the variables that go into calculating the two readings. Barometric pressure in millibars can be converted to inches Of mercury using the Pressure chart in the Earth Science Reference Tables. The pressure was 25. This BME280 Atmospheric Sensor Breakout is the easy way to measure barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature readings all without taking up too much space. 33 inches Convert the Sea-Level Pressure to a Weather Map Code: 102 3. Inches and centimeters of mercury are also used. 1. For any station elevation, add the “deviation from zero” figure to the barometer’s current barometric pressure reading. Cloud cover 95. Barometric pressure fluctuations, however, can have a discernible impact on well water-level meas-urements. Also put a decimal point in front of the last number EX: 588-- 958. This allows users to see the changes in pressure and adds critical data for predicting localized weather. Your barometer indeed reports pressure in inches of mercury (Hg). 5113 PSI. The diaphragm moves a needle on a dial, giving you a reading of the Points above the 1000 mb isobar have a lower pressure and points below that isobar have a higher pressure. This 824 square foot condo features 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. 55: 1049: 30. 996 14. 01 Inch Obtain local barometric pressure from NOAA, NWS, airport, radio/TV station, or from any facility that would have the most accurate information closest to your installation. 89*0. 92 inHg or 1,013. NOTE: THIS GUIDE IS FOR WORLDS CREATED ON … The low pressure for the last 24 hours was 952 mbar (28. 13• Which air pressure is acceptable? 3. Since Tucson is about 750 meters above sea level, a 75 mb correction is added to the station pressure (1 mb for every 10 meters of altitude). Mercury, aneroid, or other barometer capable of measuring atmospheric pressure to within 2. Because my study site is in the middle of the mountain area, HOBO U20 Water Level Logger can be used as a barometric reference to compensate for barometric pressure changes. Indeed, the pressure at the low's center fell below 956 mb on this day, the lowest barometric reading ever measured in Minnesota. Inches of mercury are . 9212 inches Hg, or 14. At every point along the top isobar, the pressure is 996 mb and at every point along the bottom isobar the pressure is 1000 mb. This does not change from reading to reading unless the barometer is moved. A weather station model is shown below. By convention, the lead "9" or "10" is dropped from the reported value and the decimal point omitted when this value is plotted. Pegasus FlyAway Kit _____ Example: 34 BAR-OFFSET adds 0. For example, the 21Z analysis of sea-level isobars over the contiguous states on October 26, 2010, showed a record-setting low-pressure system centered over Minnesota. 026 (26/1000) To convert inches Hg to mm Hg - multiply by 25. 9556 = 28. 9 mb (4) 1029. This is the same as the station pressure reading from the prior example. Therefore, to give meaning to the pressure values observed at each station, we need to convert the station air pressures reading to a value with a common dominator. 0 mb, winds southeast Which weather information best represents weather conditions at station B 63) - The weather station model below shows some of the weather data for a certain location. Below 500, place 10 in front of reading 996 - 9996 mb Barometric Pressure (BP) is a meteorological parameter that measures the atmospheric pressure induced by the present weather conditions and is also a function of altitude. 98: 1010: 29. 997. To see the full specifications for this product, please see our product manual found under the documentation tab if available. 446. 14 30. Mid-Atlantic U. 431. 11 in/Hg) and the high was 956 (28. 4 Mar 2020 A barometer is a device that reads atmospheric pressure. It is in metric mm but to me that just makes it easier to watch the pressure changes because mm marks are spread out evenly. 411860 Inches of Mercury. 89! Model # Description TB-2012M Barometric Pressure Sensor TB-2012MA Barometric Pressure Sensor, 4-20 mA Optional Parts / Accessories Cable Additional Cable High Elevation: Applications of higher than 1800 ft. The most accurate method of obtaining changes in water level is to compensate for atmospheric pressure fluctuations using a Barologger 5, avoiding time lag in the compensation. 85: 972: 28. 60 inHg should be added to the reading. Let's take a look at the difference between barometric vs. Such lengthy numbers occupy considerable space when plotted on a synoptic air pressure data map. To set barometer to your elevation, follow the instructions listed below: Output: 0-1V Range: 26 to 32” . Jun 29, 2020 · To calculate barometric pressure, look at a barometer and write down the pressure reading. ‣ Example: 966. In tenths of mb Mar 04, 2020 · If you are using an analog barometer at home or a digital barometer on your cell phone in the U. The formula is as follows: To convert inches of mercury to millibars, multiply the inches value by 33. 56*25. Dewpoint temperature 94. A barometer is a device that measures atmospheric pressure. 8 millibars b. 471. 15 inches of mercury. What is the wind speed shown on the station model and which instrument is used to measure the wind speed? answer choices 998: Pressure, to the nearest tenth of a millibar. b. Answer: 997. Listen to a local weather forecast to find the current barometer pressure for your location. I have just set up an ambient weather station. Average Sea-Level pressure: 101. Changing the hours allows the user to expand or minimize the search range for current barometric 6. ) That equates to a 3. The sea-level pressure seems high, which could explain the wrong calculated elevation. 446 29. The changing weather conditions at a location in New York State during a winter storm are recorded on the station models. 146. 80 30. When air pressure increases, what happens to the mercury in the tube? FIGURE 5. This method for decoding air pressure given on the station model works most of the time. 4. Wind direction 92. (curious!, 3 Bar is 43. Figure 1 shows the SBP270, which includes the Setra Model 270 variable capacitance barometer, interface circuitry, 5 foot cable, and a rain-tight Using A Barometer Although traditional decorative barometers report pressure, a modern digital barometer offers many advantages. 25 mbar / 760 mmHg / 29. 23) and from the graph I looked at the average was 954 (28. 5: 1. Absolute pressure is not corrected to sea-level conditions. 25. com boost pressure tests some parts installed on a 996 Turbo. Which station model correctly represents the weather conditions in an area that is experiencing winds from the northeast at 25 knots and has had a steady drop in barometric pressure of 2. Information: "-force" is added to distinguish units of force from units of mass. 2931783 Pascal [Pa] Ksi to Pascal: Pascal to Ksi Common Units of Force and Pressure 1 atmosphere = 760 millimeters of mercury (Hg) = 1. Station Pressure. So divide the pressure in kPa by 3. ) The barometric trend—shown on weather maps—is how the magnitude of the air pressure has changed over the past three hours. Dec 09, 2003 · The third box from the top lets you enter the current barometric pressure. Absolute pressure is the measured atmospheric pressure. If you’re using a reading from your data logger, set the entry parameters to show this is a station measurement (if you May 16, 2018 · Buoy surface barometric pressure measurements have a precision of 0. 04 converts approximately to: 2021 ICD-10-CM T82. 8639 mbar/in. 5 mbar, which sounds reasonable for a nice clear day. 263) Where: Station Pressure = the barometric pressure at your Inclement Weather in the Pacific Northwest Through the Weekend. The upward movement of air in the atmosphere generally causes the temperature of that air to (1) decrease and become closer to the dewpoint (2) decrease and become farther from the Dec 19, 2020 · Then, the station calibrates barometric pressure based on its location over a period of time to generate an accurate and personal forecast. house, the top of a mountain, or on the shore). rising and moist B. High accuracy and fine resolution make this system ideal for precision weather monitoring. If you know the pressure at sea level, the library can calculate the current barometric pressure into altitude c) therefore the true uncorrected barometric pressure = 29. 029 mb (3) 1002. 1, since the barometer has been rising, it was lower in the past, and the amounts are reported to the nearest tenth of a millibar Answer: 997. 00 kPa to 106. Use only the last 3 digits of the reported air pressure in millibars on your station model. May 17, 2012 · Reading a Weather Map Station Model 1. This reading was taken in Agata, Siberia, on December 31, 1968, during clear and extremely cold weather. In that, they need to perform the inverse operation of the barometric trend to determine the pressure from a few hours ago. 31 21/06/2018 mbar/hPa Barometric Conversion Table. Bournemouth Airport last 24 hours weather including temperature, wind, visibility, humidity and atmospheric pressure Mar 01, 1999 · Barometric pressure was measured with a Motorola sensor (MPX 5100AP, Motorola, Schaumburg, IL), which has a pressure range of 0–760 Torr and can operate at temperatures down to −40°C. December Surface Weather Data for Selected Cities in the Central and Eastern United States Jul 28, 2016 · This is the same as the station pressure reading from the prior example. 6 mb would be abbreviated to are the same? (l) 1004. 3 mb the last 3 hours This converter determines the barometric pressure conversion values between millibars and inches of mercury, either to or from. Oct 26, 2020 · 996 S Citron St is a condo in Anaheim, CA 92805. 12 noon Thursday 8 p. e. Southeast U. Then you need to place either a "9" or a "10" in front of the What follows is the formula for the conversion and the origin of the constant involved, which is the scale height. 5 inches equals _____ mb c. Using A Barometer Although traditional decorative barometers report pressure, a modern digital barometer offers many advantages. 084 —> 08. 1 in. When pressure increases, it presses on the diaphragm. Jul 29, 2008 · The Porsche 996 is the 4th generation of the Porsche 911 range. Dec 11, 2020 · Home Weather Station Buying Guide House climate stations are an excellent addition to any family where the elements is a day-to-day worry. 9 mb. 39 to get it in inches of Hg, or multiply the value in inches of Hg by 3. 40 Precipitation (inches past 6 hours) Wind direction Wind always blows along shaft toward center of station model Wtnd direction here IS southwest Barometric pressure ( millibars) Number 9 or 10 and decimal point omitted Above 500, place 9 In front of reading. 5 mb and 29. 921 inHg Jul 07, 2015 · On an aneroid barometer, you’ll have two hands. Actual calculations are done on inches of mercury, feet and median standard degrees F. When you need to know how to convert barometric pressure from a station model to the actual pressure, watch this guy. The chart curve represents the rate of change over this allotted time period. Below 500, place 10 in front of reading 996 - 9996 mb With such a deep low pressure system, readers get an excellent opportunity to practice reading the sea-level pressure numbers on the station plots. Read density of air over correction factor established in #1. 4 = 725. BHT663A weather radio pdf manual download. , the barometric reading will likely be reported in inches of mercury (inHg). 21 30. However, the SI unit for pressure used worldwide is the pascal (Pa), which is approximately equal to 3386. 9 hPa, or 3. , sum of the water-tableelevation and the atmospheric pressure at the 996 Secondary air injection valve replacement. Central Plains U. Rear Upper Control Arms, 996/997. Barometers have been around since the 1600s. The outdoor temperature at the weather station site. Thursday 28 26 012 18 18 996 Actual Barometric Pressure Wind Direction Time and Day Aircraft operating at higher altitudes (above 18,000 feet) set their barometric altimeters to a standard pressure of 29. 3 = 663, 1041. High pressure systems are also referred to as anticyclones. ‣ Example: 668 = 966. Total hydraulic head (i. 441 747. 56in Hg Note: - pressure drops about 26 mm (about 1 in) for every 1000 feet above sea level; hence the multiplication by 0. (Torr pressure units are approximately equivalent to millimeters of mercuy. 263) or re-arranged Sea Level Pressure = Station Pressure / e -elevation / (temperature x 29. 3 millibars. Air pressure will change rapidly with a change in altitude. Three sensory readings will be taken from two boards. 696 psi. Barometric Pressure Conversion Table mb psi. A station model is an illustration of the weather at a given time to a reporting station. 4 Methodology. , 2008). The other value will be returned. On modern weather charts the millibar is the unit most commonly used to measure barometric pressure. Station Models Temperature, humidity, air pressure, and winds affect the be converted into millibars? • Air barometric pressure readings in the region will On the map below, draw isobars for 988, 992, 996, 1000, and 1004. Therefore, one U20 or weather station (HOBO U30 or H21 Also experiment with getting your program to perform the conversion from barometric pressure to station pressure. Surface Pressure and Precipitation (GFS 10‑day Forecast) Local Weather. 17), so suppose the first 16 bit number was the pressure reading (uncompensated) and I just took a 24 hour average to see what came up, a change of 23 in the number would be a 1 millibar change in It is adjustable for local barometric pressure which must be set correctly to obtain accurate altitude readings. If using an aneroid barometer, you will need to calibrate it to your location. In this case, the station value (which is the absolute barometric pressure) shall be The absolute pressure reading seems OK to me (if this is actually the sensor pressure reading), normal atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013. I have a tmep/hydro sensor as #1 for outdoor temperature and a pool sensor as #3-way I can see that Ambient is reporting TF for the outdoor temp sensor and T3F for the pool sensor in the smartthings logs and on Ambient I can see both sensors. Read a station model. Which station model shows an air temperature of 75°F and a barometric pressure of 996. When atmospheric pressure varies, the mercury rises What was the barometric pressure three hours ago? 998. So, for today, the barometric pressure 30. One millibar = 0. Convert the air temperature at station A into degrees Celsius. Description: Double stage with two gauges. 7572931783 Pascal [Pa] Psi to Pascal: Pascal to Psi: 1 Ksi [ksi] = 6894757. Barometric readings are NOT adjusted to sea level. Southern Plains U. 86. It makes sense to first determine the location of the low pressure center. Ran the Smart App and it created some of the tiles. m. If a barometer reads 1020 mb and a few hours later a storm passes over the area, give one possible reading of the barometer during the storm. Hg to the barometric pressure reading and -34 BAR-OFFSET subtract 0. 8 A barometer measures the air pressure. 460 29. 48 hour barometric pressure. Pressure can be adjusted up to ±10 inHg (338. 4 psia Factors listed are directly usable to convert volume readings from displacement meters at various metering pressures into volumes at the standard base pressure and atmospheric pressure indicated above. 2 mb Station Model Lab - 2 - ©HGB 3/27/2000 Procedures Air Pressure: when coding air pressure on a station model, use the following rule: a. "Rynos Theme" Kevin MacLeod Barometric data can be collected on site using a recording barometer or from a local weather station. HOBO Water Level data loggers offer high accuracy at an affordable price, with no cumbersome vent tubes or desiccants to Mar 18, 2017 · Isobar lines may only pass through pressures of 1000 + or - 4. 8 millibars (mb). Th finest quality for motorcycle Body Parts, May 20, 2019 · Kurt, you do great work. In other words, allowable lines are 992, 996, 1000, 1004, 1008, and so on. 996 11/2' —28 \ ALBANY . 95 inches Note: Question 8 has only 3 choices. The temperature and barometric pressure from the BMP180 board, and ambient light read from an Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) board. 05 moisture Pressure readings are recorded in either millibars (mb) or inches (in. Which air mass A temperature reading of 32°F would be shown on a station  Station Models. 999. 412. Temperature 89. 998 . 25 millibar or about 29. Density Altitude MOS Prod Statistical Model; GFS-LAMP Prod Statistical Model 1st row of numbers is station pressure 2nd row of numbers is altimeter setting 3rd row of numbers is Weather Monitor II® Station 7440CS The Weather Monitor II station features the following: anemometer, inside and outside temperature sensors, inside relative humidity sensor, barometric pressure sensor, junction box, and console. 3) 962 —> 96. For reference, 1013 mb is equivalent to 29. 1008. Use this table to convert barometric pressure readings from millibars (hectopascals), to pounds per square inch, to inches of mercury, and to millimetres of mercury. 3. Low-pressure systems generally produce high winds, warmer air, and atmospheric lift— ideal ingredients for a tropical storm. 500 749. Isobars are drawn at 4 mb increments above and below a starting value of 1000 mb. - 20\. 73 psia Atmospheric Pressure = 14. 85 at 6000 feet, you should see 13 Station Model Purpose: allows data to be plotted in a condensed and usable format Temperature and Dewpoint are always in Fahrenheit Wind direction: winds are identified as the direction FROM which they come Barometric pressure is shortened to a 3-digit number station model code Page 5 Weather Variables and Locations Page 5 Temp dewpt The Plot the data in Table 1 for the stations shown in boldface on the map in Figure 1. ) in the tube. Any point in between these two isobars will have a pressure somewhere between 996 mb and 1000 mb. 9 mb away from 1013. This is also shown on the figure below If the air pressure number on the station model is less than 500 add a 10 in front of the number. The sea-level pressure is “a pressure value obtained by the theoretical reduction of barometric pressure to sea level. Being from the US, I use feet. There are two types. 34 in. An example is: at sea Data Tools: Find a Station. It's also possible to turn the BME280 into an altimeter. If you want to learn about creating a web server with ESP8266 in AP/STA mode, check this tutorial out. Hg. 90 inches (2) 992. Therefore, an accurate barometric pressure sensor can be used in a mutual test to produce better results. 2 hPa (1 hPa = 1 mbar) regardless of the actual sea level pressure, with inches of mercury used in the U. The lower the barometric pressure in hurricanes, the higher the wind speeds— and the more dangerous the storm. By understanding changes in barometric pressure and what those changes mean, it's possible to predict changes in weather and weather patterns. icu, one of the few viral China tech topics in the past few months that has made it to Feb 24, 2020 · • The baroTimeOffset enumeration needs to match to the proper date to be able to collect the most recent barometric pressure readings from the Weather Station • The default time setting is set to 3 hours but can be at a maximum of 999 hours. 92 in. 7) This pressure reading is really a 4-OR-5 DIGIT NUMBER, not a 3-digit number Next, you have to determine what goes in front IT WILL EITHER BE A "9" OR A "10. 52 in. 2 millibars On the station model below, using the proper format, record: a) the amount of cloud cover b) the barometric pressure c) the symbol for the present weather 12. Station Model Lab - 2 - ©HGB 3/27/2000 Procedures Air Pressure: when coding air pressure on a station model, use the following rule: a. 2012/09/04 12:05 Male/40 years old level/Others/Very/ Purpose of use Weather Station programming 2012/06/23 02:15 Male/50 years old level/Self-employed people/Very/ Purpose of use Convert barometric pressure shown on my Casio Pathfinder 2012/02 Fuel pressure variations change the fuel flow as the square root of the pressure difference. Barometric Pressure History Chart. Location can be specified as city, county, state, country, or ZIP code. Convert between many different pressure equivalents. This exercise is designed to help you interpret weather maps prepared by the National Weather Service, part of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA). The opposite effect occurs when descending. Stations with the same sea level pressure may display different raw air pressures because the air pressure decreases with height. A barometer at this elevation must be added approximately 151 mBar to compensate for the difference in pressure from sea level. Impactful Weather Expected in Alaska and the Lower 48 States. This is simple to use online converter of weights and measures. -03: Pressure tendency the last 3 hours, to the nearest tenth of a millibar. Retrieval of sea surface barometric pressure from passive microwave measurements is an inverse and highly nonlinear problem. Barometric pressure (convert to long form) 90. For each of the weather variables found on a station Rdel that are listed in the table below, state the instrument that would be used to measure it. 31. 89! Model 996. 998: Pressure, to the nearest tenth of a millibar. To compare pressure conditions from one location to another, meteorologists correct pressure to sea-level conditions (referred to as relative pressure, or pressure relative to sea-level). com is one of the leading wheels and rims sites around. Look up a barometric conversion value for millibar (mbar, mb), hectopascal (hPa), pounds per square inch (psi), inches of mercury (inHg), millimetres of mercury (mmHg) or Torr pressure units. The highest pressure on the map is 1003. 7 13. This condo has been listed on Redfin since October 23, 2020 and is currently priced at $289,900. The pressure here is 999. Oct 07, 2019 · Bosch BME280 Humidity, Temperature & Pressure Sensor is an integrated environmental sensor which is very small-sized with low power consumption. 110A Breakdown (mechanical) of cardiac electrode, initial encounter Atmospheric pressure, also known as barometric pressure (after the barometer), is the pressure within the atmosphere of Earth. in the past, and the amounts are reported to the nearest tenth of a millibar. 0 mb, the lowest is 994. 382. Hg from the reading. 7 Day Barometric Pressure. A mercury barometer is shown in Figure 4. Obtain a pressure reading using a barometer, collect the pressure reading on a weather web site or find a weather map that shows areas of high and low pressure. 00 Tarett Engineering is proud to be able to provide these new Motorsport 4. 4 —> 1008. 01: 1011: 29. 3 mb? A)15 knots, measured by a wind vane B)15 knots, measured by an anemometer C)25 knots, measured by a wind vane D)25 knots, measured by an anemometer 19. Digital barometers, such as the Weems & Plath model 4002, display pressure in either millibars or inches of mercury on an easy-to-read screen. Typical Application: Used where stable outlet pressure is required. Mar 25, 2020 · Normal barometric pressure is between 980 millibars and 1,050 millibars. Display current settings PARAMETERS: This command displays the current weather station settings and the number of In order to complete the problems, you will need to know how to decode and encode barometric pressure readings. This information in this article is for the following Porsche models and years: – 1997 to 2006 Porsche 911 (996) Carrera, 4, S, 4S, Targa and Turbo – years 1997 Rapidly falling air pressure = Weather Maps and Station Models. SBP270 BAROMETRIC PRESSURE SENSOR INSTRUCTION MANUAL DESCRIPTION The SBP270 Barometric Pressure Sensor (SBP270) is a high accuracy barometer designed for use with the CR7, 21X, and CR10 dataloggers. Station Pressure = Sea Level Pressure x e -elevation / (temperature x 29. For a 14. 471 748. Point A, for example, has a pressure of 998 mb and is therefore located between the 996 mb isobar and the 1000 mb isobar. 00 kPa• Add a 9 or 10 in front of the number and move the decimal two places to the left – ie. 3 + 75 = 1002. To decode sea level barometric pressure, follow these steps: 1) Place a decimal point to the left of the last digit. 92 inHg — a clear difference from a station pressure of 24. Select the checkbox Calibrate Pressure. Temperatures Northwest U. This is called the inverse barometer effect, as the higher the pressure, the lower the sea level, and vice versa. Nov 12, 2010 · www. High pressure systems move in a clockwise motion in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere because of the Coriolis effect. The BP is measured as absolute pressure at the elevation of the sensor. and Canada. Precipitation (in) Present Weather. ). Northeast U. ) Barometric Pressure Conversion Table (PDF) Actual Station Pressure*: Enter a pressure in one blank to convert to the other pressures. Ideal for quality cutting applications, laboratory systems or precision machine cutting. 2 This mercury barometer is bolted to the wall of the College Heights Weather Station in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 83: 971: 28. Barometric pressure readings are consistent across a region (except during fast-moving weather events), so you can generally use barometric pressure readings that are taken within 15 km (10 miles) of the logger or more, without significantly degrading the accuracy of the compensation. Apr 19, 2016 · So when low pressure systems move over a region, the sea level rises by a relative amount, while high pressure systems push down on the ocean, creating a drop in sea level. 71. ) TABLE 1. An air pressure of 1003. Present weather 96. 996 S Citron St was built in 1980 and last sold on September 08, 2016 for $200,000. This barometer is really easy to read. 7 . (use the conversion chart in the reference tables) What is the dew point? What is the present barometer reading at this station? Is the barometer higher or lower than it was 3 hours ago? How much has the barometer changed in the last three hours? What was the barometer reading 3 hours ago? What is the barometer doing NOW (rising or falling)? 10. lower. The last few readings were made after tapping the case with my finger; prior readings may be off due to a sticking needle. For example, a pressure reading of 29. STATION MODELS Station Model Barometric pressure conversions: ‣ To convert millibar reading for use on a station model: ‣ Remove 9 or 10 and decimal point. 04 to ICD-10-CM ICD-9-CM 996. 2 millibars. 2 mb Purpose of use Develop a personal weather station (PWS) Comment/Request I am developing a personal weather station (PWS) using a Particle Photon, the SHT31 temperature and humidity sensor, the BMP388 barometric pressure sensor, and the Davis anemometer for Vantage Pro2, the PWS is reporting the barometric pressure to Wunderground, and Wunderground requires this to be at SeaLevel, which means The barometric pressure measured by a barometer at the station is adjusted (or corrected) to sea level conditions to eliminate the variations in reported pressure due to the altitude of the station. Humidity is in % Relative Humidity. 0 mb on the plot in east Texas. Range of Barometric Pressure on Earth. 6. This schedule is not uncommon in China, especially in the tech industry, where it was first adopted by the nation’s tech giants (Alibaba, Tencent et al. The atmospheric pressure is given in millibars (mb). Make sure the reading is correct for your location. Alternatively you can use our pressure unit converter to calculate the barometric conversion for all pressure units. 81 998 14. Weather Monitor II® Station 7440CS The Weather Monitor II station features the following: anemometer, inside and outside temperature sensors, inside relative humidity sensor, barometric pressure sensor, junction box, and console. Displaying Temperature, Humidity, Pressure & Altitude On ESP8266 Web Server. Hg, I would get an absolute pressure of 1033. Thus, to decode the pressure reading, you must first add a decimal in front of the right-most digit. Density Altitude Plot the data in Table 1 for the stations shown in boldface on the map in Figure 1. 475. A DC-power Convert ICD-9-CM Diagnosis 996. 39 to convert it into kPa. NOTE: The barometric pressure reading may be obtained from a nearby National Weather Service station. Unlike other sites offering cheap wheels and rims, we offer brand name wheels and rims at discount prices. deepest point under sea level of Sognefjorden, Norway Barometric Pressure Reports (hPa) Report for Year 2020 Data last updated 22/12/2020 02:45. 996. 1 millibars The APPM model asks for "pressure" in mbar. A pressure of 29. Because of this rapid change with altitude, reported pressure is usually adjusted to sea level. The lowest known barometric pressure was recorded over the Pacific Ocean during a typhoon on October 12, 1979. 9 inch Hg. I really like this barometer. 4 (only 4. (Hint: Turn your barometric adjust knob on your altimeter from one end to the other, and see how much difference it makes in the altitude reading. 6. 1 hPa and an accuracy within 1 hPa (Patoux et al. 830 996. 72. BAROMETRIC PRESSURE. Barometric pressure readings are often given in millibars. Enter a value in either field and click anywhere outside that field. 42 996. An abbreviated air pressure reading of 996 would convert to (l) 996. WEATHER MAP INTERPRETATION. 9013 = 90. by simply connecting the respective sensor to your Personal Weather Station. (lab-notes) 5. 10 inches is equivalent to 29. However, measuring the barometric pressure for standard weather conditions at the same Cody Wyoming location of 5000 feet elevation shows 29. 3 mb, which would be correct: the one that says 996. 441. 412 747. minus. Refer to Barometer Calibration. 14. 0 mb and 29. 7 minus 1. Pressure lines are usually corrected for sea level so any differences in pressure due to altitude are ignored. 221) On which station model would the present weather symbol * most likely be found? wet-bulb temperature readings for a parcel. 8636, yielding a result of 29. Barometric pressure 996. I've seen from 42 PSI to 45 PSI. Snowfall is rare at the South Pole because the air over the South Pole is usually A. the reading can no longer be trusted as a measurement of the height above sea level? one barometric data set can be used with all water level loggers in that area). g. The height of the mercury is such that hρg = P atm. The sea level pressure estimate for Tucson is 927. The Harris Products Group is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of brazing, soldering and welding alloys and equipment, cutting and heating equipment, and gas distribution systems. Written by: webmaster DIY difficulty: 6 (1-10, 10 being hardest) Symptom: If you are getting a check engine light with a diagnostic code of P0410 (Secondary air injection system) most likely your secondary air injection one way valve is plugged up, the remedy is to replace the valve, and then reset the check engine light. 5) A barometric pressure of 1021. Altitude Above Sea Level Absolute Barometer Absolute Atmospheric Pressure; feet metre inches Hg mm Hg psia kg/cm 2 kPa-5000-1524: 35. " Station pressure is the direct barometer reading at the reporting weather station. 85 at an altitude of 6000 feet, and compare that with the results of a calculation made using a station pressure of 23. 86 or 985. 996/997/991 Suspension > 996/997/991 Control Arms. However, there are times when this method will break down, for example, some of the strongest hurricanes have had air pressure readings below 900 mb. 2 —> 996. 25 hPa; 1,013. When measuring pressure at sea level, station pressure and barometric pressure are equal. 6mb 11 12. (Note: Plot the barometric pressure readings as written. I did have to find out what the local barometric pressure was in inches to set the barometer to local altitude and then convert the inches reading to mm. Thus we have drawn in 996 mb and 1000 mb isobars. It is significant in the the history of the 911 as it is the first 911 to break from several of the historic model's traditions, such as featuring organic ovoid headlights in place of the 911's traditional ovals and, more significantly, switching to a water-based cooling system The Station Pressure (SP), which is the raw, absolute pressure measured by the station. 6 mb. This is a tutorial to show you how. To convert the pressure (P) reading to altitude (A), a mathematical function is used, A = f (P), where "f" is derived from the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA), which is a model of how pressure changes over a wide range of altitude. On the other side of calculator, set air density reading just obtained on the scale provided. +50/. If your air pressure was in Inches of Mercury, use page 13 of your ESRT to convert. What is the decoded pressure on the station model drawn on page 1 of this lab? ____1000. 9 inches. Where the Earth’s surface is above sea level, it is assumed that the atmosphere extends to sea level below the station and that the properties of that hypothetical atmosphere are related to conditions observed at the 996 is a work schedule where you work 9am till 9pm, 6 days a week. In this case, the station value (which is the absolute barometric pressure) shall be Air pressure at station altitude This map displays the observed air pressure at a station not accounting for changes in altitude. Then, check back in an hour and write down the new reading. Results are yielded in both inches of mercury and millibars (mb). Altimeter pressure is the theoretical pressure setting needed to have a standard altimeter read correct altitude at the airport or other location referenced in the reading. elevation, air pressure changes slightly due to temperature and. k Instrument A 174 Station Model Variable Temperature Dew Point Pressure Set temperature under barometric pressure scale. 489 29. Air pressure can change three times in an hour quite easily, without you even moving an inch In the example above, a station pressure value of 927. Midwest U. n. Students can use the Barometer in a number of different investigations on air pressure. In order to convert inches of mercury to millibars, simply multiply by a factor of 33. Please refer to Barometric Pressure Calibration for more information. 5% difference. Millibars: Inches: Millibars: Inches: Millibars: Inches: Millibars: Inches: 1050: 31. , the barometric reading will likely be reported in inches of mercury (inHg). 5. We can easily convert this to inches by dividing by 33. Barometric pressure is the station pressure corrected for equivalent pressure at sea level. 3 mb was measured in Tucson. This is the true barometric pressure for the station. December Surface Weather Data for Selected Cities in the Central and Eastern United States Full 6 Week Grade 05 Science FSA CountdownEach day students will see the same standard per Big Idea asked in various ways utilizing the FSA Item Stems and Practice Assessments. Notice, only the last 3 Sep 08, 2017 · A “low-pressure system” refers to an area with barometric readings lower than the area surrounding it. 39 kPa, per inch of Hg. 70: 933: 27. 2 (only 17. Tires, Wheels, and Tire and Wheel Packages for 1999 PORSCHE 911 - -996 GT3 from Performance Plus Tire. Inches of Mercury (Hg) / MilliBars / kiloPascals 11. Local weather by ZIP or City Local area snow depth CURRENT WEATHER MAPS Fronts & Pressure Centers Current U. 1, since the barometer has been rising, it was . A simple mercury barometer. Standard sea-level pressure of 1013. That, of course, is in addition to helping students figure out how to sort out the barometric pressure utilizing the key on the station model. Based on the station model shown below, identify the weather variables indicated. Barometric Pressure. The conversion factor is approximately 33. Covers temperature, abbreviated air pressure, dew point, wind, and  A millibar is a unit of pressure equal to 1/1000th of a bar, or 100 pascals. When it comes to measuring barometric pressure, there is a bit of science going on behind the scenes. Alaska The weather station has two essential parts; reading and processing of data, and reporting readings. Air Pressure• Generally acceptable pressure range is 94. 3 mb 987: 998. 25 mbar), which is equivalent to 760 mm Hg, 29. 7 millibars during the last three hours? (1) (2) (3) (4) It makes sense to first determine the location of the low pressure center. Reading a Weather Map Predicting the Weather 2. This is the pressure reading most commonly used by meteorologist to track weather Barometric Pressure Reports (hPa) Report for Year 2020 Data last updated 22/12/2020 02:45. NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Service. 8. The Orion Weather Station™ includes a high-tech, all-in-one sensor module with ultrasonic wind direction and speed measurements, impact rain sensor, capacitive relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure readings. Converting Atmospheres to Pascals (atm to Pa). 92 Thus, to decode the pressure value, add the decimal point before the rightmost number, and add to the front either a 9 or a 10, which ever makes the value nearest to 1013. Once you have both readings, subtract the current pressure from the pressure an hour ago to determine how much the barometric pressure has risen or fallen. 92 1013. 23: 121-4500 aprox. To accomplish an accurate manual barometric compensation, the atmospheric pressure station should not be greater than 30 km (20 miles) away). Weather maps generally use millibars (mb. Other Pressure unit to Pascal Pascal to other unit; 1 Kilopascal [kPa] = 1000 Pascal [Pa] Kilopascal to Pascal: Pascal to Kilopascal: 1 Bar = 100000 Pascal [Pa] Bar to Pascal: Pascal to Bar: 1 Psi [psi] = 6894. Gischard hiker's altimeter, analog model, perhaps 35 years old. You may need to convert to a different value to match it with your weather report. From the Barometric Pressure setting, set a pressure adjustment in inches. Sea-level pressure is plotted in tenths of millibars (mb), with the leading 10 or 9 omitted. A DC-power 996 = 999. As the aircraft ascends, the capsules expand and the static pressure drops, causing the altimeter to indicate a higher altitude. You can add more measurements like UV light readings, barometric pressure, etc. (See Figure 7-2. If, for example, you put in a condition of barometric pressure of 29. 8637526 Atmospheric [barometric] pressure readings appear as measurements, in millibars [mb], with four or five digits with a decimal point between the last and next-to-last digit. Wind speed 93. 2 milli-bars will cause the mercury to rise 76 centimeters (29. 3) The three digits in the upper-right-hand corner of the station model represent the last three digits of the station's sea-level pressure, expressed to the nearest tenth of a millibar. Any point lying in between these two isobars must have a pressure somewhere between 996 mb and 1000 mb. On most altimeters, it's about 2700 ft. Base your answers to questions 29 through 32 on the four weather station models, A, B, C, and D, below. View and Download Oregon Scientific BHT663A manual online. 5 bar. Air pressure is often shown on In a mutual test of temperature, the temperature sensor with more accurate readings will relate better with the readings of the barometric pressure sensor. DECODING: If the station model reading is: less than 500 put a "10" in front and add a decimal place You can click on your weather station to view the detailed weather patterns and readings for your Personal Weather Station: As you can see we are only reporting Temperature and Humidity. 0 millibars is When converted to millibars, this air wer than 996. Sta Example - Barometer reading on the top of Ben Nevis mountain, Scotland Ben Nevis in Scotland is 1344 m high. MODULAR BTHR WEATHER STATION. 2 Day Barometric Presssure 2 days ago · Barometric Pressure Reports (inHg) Report for Year 2020 Data last updated 12/23/2020 03:15 AM. I would imagine that, statistically, the resultant fuel flow variation across any model line falls into a bell curve. As altitude goes up, the pressure decreases. Retrieve weather records from observing stations by entering the desired location, data set, data range, and data category. These barometric effects may lead to erroneous indications of hydraulic head within the aquifer. Using the tables, a value of 4. 7 mb 872: 987. 10 x 33. 4 = 28. This barometric pressure information is indicated as follows on the station model: Example + 34 / To use the calculator, enter the elevation of the barometer and the known and observed barometer reading, in any of the possible designations, then click on Calculate. An example of a 12-hour barometric pressure Pressure in mb, lose the leading 9 or 10, so, as in the link, 1014. 3 mb. Which map shows the correct location of the 996-mb, 1000-mb, and 1004-mb isobars? Because of this decrease in pressure with height, it makes it very hard to compare the air pressure at one location to another, especially when the elevations of each site differ. May 30, 2015 · Home weather stations typically consist of two major parts: the sensors that sit outside and measure temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, rainfall, and barometric pressure; and the display unit that lives inside in a convenient place so you can read the external temperature while sitting around the fire warming your feet and deciding whether it’s too cold to go fishing. The 996 had little in common with its predecessor, with the first all new chassis platform since the original 911 and a new Jul 24, 2015 · Pressure is a 32 bit integer with the pressure in Pascals. A couple of frontal systems will pass through the Pacific Northwest through the weekend bringing coastal and lower elevation rain, which may cause flooding, high elevation snow extending from the Cascades to the Northern Rockies, and gusty winds. The lowest pressure found is 987. 0 mb 103: 1010. Feb 25, 2020 · Obtain a local reading of barometric pressure. On any given day, the barometric pressure at any altitude will fluctuate depending on weather. " "A 3-pointer Wikipedia:pressure altimeter. I f the air pressure number on the station model is less than 500 add a 10 in front of the number. Now, we are going to configure our ESP8266 into Station (STA) mode, and create a web server to serve up web pages to any connected client under existing network. Earth Science Unit 5 Meteorology Unit Overview - Topics to be discussed are: temperature, converting between the scales, relative humidity and dewpoint, cloud formation and types, barometric pressure, prevailing winds, land and sea breezes, types of air masses and their sources, use of a station model to describe weather characteristics, storm and disaster preparation. Some of you may have been wondering how to play a PE in world in PC. Isobars, lines of equal pressure, when drawn on such a map, give a contour map showing areas of high and low pressure. Lab 12 - Earth Science. 14 Mar 2016 Overview of the use of the Station Model to represent current weather. A Barometric Pressure History Chart is a graph, shown on many AcuRite weather station products, that tracks and displays the historical barometric pressure over a the selected time period. 0 mb (3) 1099. 100450Pa (1005hPa) is a perfectly acceptable reading. 325 kPa /1013. High Winds, snow, and wind chills to -55 degrees can be expected for large segments of Alaska through midweek. Determine the temperature, present weather, barometric pressure, percentage of Visibility (mi). 5 . This device measures atmospheric pressure, rather than gauge pressure, because there is a nearly pure vacuum above the mercury in the tube. Refer to the station model in Figure 2 if needed. 7: 908: 17. 06 997 14. cell phone in the U. 6 mb (4) 9990. Often hundreds of feet. agency-power. The station pressure adjusted to mean sea level. My comments are specifically telling you to use different sources of barometric pressure readings to verify if it is the BMP180 that is wrong or your local weather station (which you cannot determine by having readings only from those 2). The U20-001-02-Ti data logger supports the following measurements: Absolute Pressure, Barometric Pressure, Temperature and Water Level The country of origin for this product is the United States. 0 = 410 ‣ To convert station model back to millibar reading: ‣ If above 500, place a 9 before it and add a decimal point. 01 inches. 128 = 1012. What is the barometric pressure indicated by this station model? (1) 0. 9 mb (2) 902. air pressure on a station model, use the following rule: If the air pressure on the station model is 500 or more, place a 9 in front of this number. 0 mb. ) The ground equipment automatically adds the necessary barometric correction, according to the local pressure. At each station model, extend the shaft of the wind arrow through the station model and draw the head of the arrow to show the direction the wind is blowing 2. 001666V/. As an example, consider a barometer located at an elevation of 4550 feet with a current reading of 25. up to satellite orbit), at what altitude does its reading become useless, i. Add either a 10 or 9 in front based on which would bring the  Winds. The data were transmitted up to one of three polar orbiting National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellites and then to a ground station. Use the pressure scales on page 13 a. sinking 18. 3mb_____ Good forecasting requires us to know what the barometer has been doing lately (rising, falling, or holding steady), and where the barometer is heading. 1 mb away from 1013. These devices measure barometric pressure. Barometric pressure for a station model must be in millibars. 29 inches (3) 1016. The resulting altimeter readings are known as flight levels. What is the rule for converting the barometric pressure from the station model to a normally written pressure? d 500 dev 6. 65 base pressure, use an additional multiplier of 1. 7mb is written as 147 May 27, 2020 · How to Measure Barometric Pressure. With two hours off for lunch and dinner, that’s a 60 hour work week. 92 inches of mercury. 475 29. ) for air pressure. The absolute pressure reading seems OK to me (if this is actually the sensor pressure reading), normal atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1013. 3 on the top right corner, or the one that says 963 in the top right corner? Station Model Code. Figure 1 shows the SBP270, which includes the Setra Model 270 variable capacitance barometer, interface circuitry, 5 foot cable, and a rain-tight Apr 13, 2019 · Ep. If a question asks "which station model has a barometric pressure of 996. Aneroid barometers feature a vacuum chamber connected to a diaphragm. 0 reading of 996 would convert to Which weather-station model shows an air  Which weather-station model shows an air pressure of 993. 8 millibars. 4 millibars? 93 099. Simply select the input unit, enter the value and click "Convert" button. However, you need to allow about a month for the readings to be accurate. 006. 3 mb? 32 The map below shows air pressures recorded in millibars (mb). The highest barometric pressure ever recorded was 32. 1036. BAROMETRIC PRESSURE CONVENTION The current sea level corrected air pressure is plotted on the map to the upper right on the station model as a three-digit number representing units of tenths of millibars (a metric unit of pressure, where 1 mb = 0. (For example, in the sample below, 147 becomes 14. 02953 inches of mercury. 13 or 10013 = 100. 389 times one inHg. The National Weather Service (NWS) reports the BP normalized to sea level. 6 (2) 999. Also put a decimal point in front of the last number EX: 588= 958. Draw larger arrows to show the general pattern of airflow around the high and low pressure centers. Southwest U. or 548. 10 inches (4) 1000. The At which weather station is the barometic pressure reading mosy likely to be 1018 millibars Temperature 83 F, dewpoint 82 F, pressure 1016. if the air pressure on the station model is 500 or more, place a 9 in front of this number. The air pressure is a function of how much air is pressing over an area. ) and then implemented at smaller startups which 2. Base your answers to questions 31 and 32 on the station models below and on your knowledge of Earth science. The oil pressure reading with the new sender or old worked as followed: cold start the gauge would go immediately to 5 bar, after the engine warms up about 8 miles of driving the gauge would slowly drop to 4. Outdoor Article of the Month - August 1998: Barometric Pressure Conversion Chart. barometer: The Sea Level Pressure (SLP) obtained by correcting the Station Pressure for altitude and local temperature. Pressure conversion calculator for several SI (metric) and other frequently used pressure units. 92 inHg -- a clear difference from a station pressure of 24. For those who take part in outside activities that are suffering from the weather similar to gardening, farming, and even outdoor sports activities, a home weather station could be a very efficient strategy to get the tips that you need for the day. Below are some sample conversions between plotted and complete sea-level pressure values: 410: 1041. Barometric pressure three hours ago based on the barometric trend 91. all points where the pressure is 996 mb and a line below that where the pressure is 1,000 mb. It was manufactured by Porsche between 1996 - 2005. 8 mb Barometric trend (past 3 hours) Symbols used before number: + means pressure higher than 3 hours ago — means pressure lower than 3 hours ago Symbols used after number: / means pressure rising steadily \ means pressure falling steadily - means pressure has remained steady Decimal point omitted from reading 28\ means pressure dropped 2. The weather station model below shows some of the weather data for a certain location. $245. The symbols on the map will give you current information at that time including temperature, dew point 31 Which station model shows an air temperature of 75°F and a barometric pressure of 996. From the Preferences section, select Calibrate Readings (+/-). The standard atmosphere (symbol: atm) is a unit of pressure defined as 101,325 Pa (1,013. 2 mb 30. a station model barometric pressure reading of 996 would convert to

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