Unlike other pharmacy automation, the RxSafe 1800 has proven return on investment in the first year.

RxSafe 1800 automation
DRI enabled & CII Compliant

RxSafe’s Data Rich Interchange

Data rich interchangeTechnology sets RxSafe apart.
One of our most recent developments is the DRI™, the first-of-its-kind, message initiation “data rich interchange” for the retail pharmacy market. This protocol is essential for real workflow, providing pharmacy management with a complete suite of reports at their fingertips. The DRI is an integral part of every RxSafe product, making it a unique offering in pharmacy management software. With the development of the DRI, pharmacy workflow becomes even more robust and streamlined than ever before.

RxSafe is CII Compliant

CII complianceRxSafe is first and foremost a safe. Overriding the system requires two different keys. Access to CII’s for normal prescription filling requires the operator to have the proper credential and biometrically login. Every touch of the container is tracked and recorded to the operator from original stock replenishment until the container is discarded. RxSafe has a rich reporting suite of software, including CII logging.

The return on investment from the RxSafe 1800 can be realized in several different ways with this game-changing automation in your pharmacy.

So, how does the return on investment break down?

Accuracy & Speed: A single filling tech at the RxSafe 1800 system can fill up to 120 scripts per hour with unparalleled accuracy. Less fill labor + less put away labor + no searching for lost items, means you’ll spend less.

Space Savings: A 2-tower RxSafe 1800 system can hold up to 3600 stock bottles in only 30 sq. ft. freeing up over 100 sq. ft. for other revenue increasing activities. More floor space = more revenue.

Narcotics Security: The RxSafe 1800 system is double key locked. Access to all drugs requires biometric access. Every container “touch” is tracked. No loss due to theft or diversion means more profit.

Inventory Management: RxSafe is the only secured and monitored pharmacy robotic inventory management system on the market. Real perpetual inventory data can be exported. Up to 30% less on hand inventory, plus less waste due to expired drugs…so you’ll spend less and see more profit.

We introduced the RxSafe 1800 into one of our pharmacies two years ago. That store had a $50,000 decrease, which totals $80,000 in savings and our inventory turns have increased by 6+ turns / year. Additionally, we’ve reduced labor costs by 200–250 labor hours per month, which covered the payment on the unit. In three years that labor savings will go directly to our bottom line. The cost of on-hand inventory in our other stores, without the RxSafe, has increased by $30,000.

Jim Clark
Co-Owner - Paw Paw Village Pharmacy
savings from pharmacy automation

$83,000 Yearly Profit Increase*
+ $40,000 One-Time Inventory Liquidation
+ $38,000 One-Time IRS Tax Deduction

Total First Year Cash Increase = $161,000**

In the first year, generate more cash than an RxSafe 1800 costs. 

Less Fill Labor - $35k

Your pharmacy can substantially reduce the number of technician hours used to fill prescriptions. One technician can fill up to 120 scripts per hour.

More Floor Space = More Revenue - $10k

The RxSafe has such high density storage that it frequently frees up more than an additional 100 square feet for other purposes.

Less Waste Due to Expired Drugs - $10k

With the RxSafe there can be only one open bottle for each NDC. The system tracks expiration dates and alerts you prior to stock bottle expiration for return to wholesaler.

No Loss Due to Theft or Diversion - $10k

The RxSafe time and time again has been proven to prevent loss due to theft and diversion. Experience has shown, that even your trusted employee may be stealing from you. The RxSafe system is so secure it has been approved by the Department of Defense for narcotics storage and retrieval.

Up to 30% Less On Hand Inventory - $8k

The RxSafe system is the only secure, accurate, perpetual inventory system on the market. Experience shows you can reduce your on hand inventory by up to $200,000.

Less Put Away Labor - $5k

Your pharmacy can reduce labor to put away new stock. Most of your oral stock bottles will be placed into the RxSafe.

No Searching for Lost Items Labor - $5k

Are you tired of searching for misfiled stock bottles? The RxSafe accurately and automatically brings the stock bottle to the filling technician.

Nothing in this calculation should be construed as tax advice. RxSafe, LLC does not provide tax advice. For all tax questions and issues, please consult a qualified professional. *Based on NCPA Digest 2016 averages. **Values are estimates. Savings may vary.


Total Cash Surplus
Over 6 Years: $368K*


Total Cash Surplus
Over 6 Years: $382K*

* Your values may vary. Contact RxSafe for a more detailed analysis.

IRS Section 179 allows business to take accelerated depreciation on capital equipment of up to $1,000,000 per year. The initial (Year 1) savings on installing an RxSafe system can be significant. For example, depending on whether they lease or purchase equipment, our customers have reported cash savings ranging from $37,000 to $127,000 in their first tax year.

The savings don’t stop there, however. Combining continued tax savings, along with the additional profit from pharmacy automation, RxSafe customers report 6-year savings ranging from $368,000 to $382,000 — that’s more than three times the original cost of the equipment! Lease or purchase, any way you slice it, RxSafe can put cash back into your pharmacy’s register!

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