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DRI Enabled & Thermal Printing for Strip Packaging

RxSafe’s Data Rich Interchange

pharmacy management automationTechnology sets RxSafe apart. One of our most recent developments is the DRI™, the first-of-its-kind, message initiation “data rich interchange” for the retail pharmacy market. This protocol is essential for real workflow, providing pharmacy management with a complete suite of reports at their fingertips. The DRI is an integral part of every RxSafe product, making it a unique offering in pharmacy management software. With the development of the DRI, pharmacy workflow becomes even more robust and streamlined than ever before.

Thermal Printing for Strip Packaging

automated strip packagingRxSafe is one of the few companies that uses thermal printing for all its strip packaging—that means more flexibility and lower operating costs. Virtually anything can be printed onto the strip packaging including graphics, text, symbology, bar codes, etc. The information can be customized to your exact needs. Since no ribbons are needed, there are no replacement costs or maintenance fees incurred—just one more way that RxSafe passes along cost savings to you.

Automatic Variable Pouch Length-Superior Hi Fidelity Printing

Automatic Variable Pouch Length-Superior Hi Fidelity Printing

1000 Smart Canisters-No Trays

1000 Smart Canisters-No Trays

Fully Automated, Robotic Strip Packaging, Scalable for any Size Pharmacy or Volume with optional, built-in vision inspection

Experience the unparalleled, robotic automation technology of the RxASP 600™. No more trays or remote filling stations. No more down time to load trays. Plus, no more errors from hand filling trays—the RxASP 600 can hold up to 600 RFID canisters*, while our universal canisters dispense virtually all non-loaded oral solid medications such as gel caps, half tabs, etc. PakCheckRx™, our optional integrated machine vision inspection means higher accuracy and less cost. Restocking occurs while the machine is fully functioning, so there’s no down time. Even cleaning is far less time consuming. More things get done in less time, greatly enhancing pharmacy efficiency. The RxASP family of machines has the lowest daily operating costs in the industry—we use automatic, variable packet length and our consumable pouch material costs are notably the least expensive. *More RFID canisters can be stored nearby to be swapped in and out. RxSafe does not recommend the purchase of “spare” packaging units—further space and cost savings.

Up to
Multidose Pouches per Minute
Per Med Pass
More Canisters

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Less On-hand inventory required

Less On-hand inventory required

No more expensive consumables

No more expensive consumables

Lowest daily operating costs in the industry.
Least expensive film costs in the industry.
No more trays or remote filling stations

No more trays or remote filling stations

No more down time to load trays and cassettes.
No more errors from hand filling trays.
Avoids Waste

Avoids Waste

1-2% industry error rate disappears
Small footprint

Small footprint

Unmatched flexibility and security

Unmatched flexibility and security

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Unbeatable Features & Specs

RxASP 600™ Features

  • Most advanced features industrywide, made in the USA
  • Unmatched flexibility and security
  • Accommodates up to 600 RFID canisters*
  • Universal RFID canister—for all non-loaded oral solid medications (including gel caps, half tabs, etc.)
  • No more trays
  • No more remote filling stations
  • Optional integrated machine vision for pouch inspection—no secondary machine
  • Up to 200 single or multi-dose pouches / min.
  • No more expensive consumables
  • Less labor
  • Smallest footprint
  • Less on hand inventory required
  • Intelligent software features without extravagant pricing
  • Industry standard 1-2% error rate is a thing of the past

Specifications for RxASP 600 System

Dimensions W=52” L=102” H=95”
Weight 700 lbs. per RxASP 600™ tower
Capacity Up to 600 RFID canisters
Script Fill Rate Up to 200 pouches per minute
Communications Ethernet connection to controller
Internal Temperature/Humidity Same as pharmacy space
Internal Cleanliness HEPA filter / Positive pressure
Peripherals/Workstation Touch screen monitor / Biometric fingerprint reader / Integrated barcode scanner / Integrated RFID readers / Keyboard / Mouse
Robotics Motion Controller Proprietary RxSafe motion control and logic
Software Proprietary RxSafe software and firmware

Specifications for RxSafe Controller

Computer Industrial quality with 2x500GB hard drives
Data Security RAID 1 onboard with full encryption
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7
Database Microsoft SQL Server
Power 110 volt A/C / 20 amp
Uninterruptable Power Supply 1500 VA / 1 hour “power-out” run time for controller

RxSafe Field Performance Data

Cost Reduction Far less cleaning & maintenance = less down time
50% less pharmacy floor space required
60% less on-hand inventory
50% fewer FTE hours
Avoids waste due to expired drugs
Secure narcotics canisters
Industry-leading accuracy
All drugs securely stored—no theft or loss or diversion

Custom Pharmacy Layout Services

Workflow Optimization Integrates RxSafe automation into existing pharmacy space