Fully Automated, Robotic Will Call Storage and Retrieval

robotic will call system
DRI Enabled & CII Compliant

RxSafe’s Data Rich Interchange

data-rich interchange featureTechnology sets RxSafe apart.
One of our most recent developments is the DRI™, the first-of-its-kind, message initiation “data rich interchange” for the retail pharmacy market. This protocol is essential for real workflow, providing pharmacy management with a complete suite of reports at their fingertips. The DRI is an integral part of every RxSafe product, making it a unique offering in pharmacy management software. With the development of the DRI, pharmacy workflow becomes even more robust and streamlined than ever before.

RxSafe is CII Compliant

CII complianceRxSafe is first and foremost a safe. Overriding the system requires two different keys. Access to CII’s for normal prescription filling requires the operator to have the proper credential and biometrically login. Every touch of the container is tracked and recorded to the operator from original stock replenishment until the container is discarded. RxSafe has a rich reporting suite of software, including CII logging.

Revolutionize your will call system with the unparalleled, robotic automation technology of the RxRWC™ (Remote Will Call). Hold all of your finished goods inventory. Finished prescriptions can be added and dispensed simultaneously from the RxRWC system.

No theft, diversion or tampering since your finished goods inventory is protected by RxSafe’s legendary security. Positive identification at the point of sale is required for retrieval. Only the assigned clerk has access through bio ID (optional).

With virtually no maintenance, the highest security in the industry and the fastest retrieval time, you’ll never look back on your old way of doing will call.

The RxRWC is READY. Are you?

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Less On-hand Inventory Required

Less On-hand Inventory Required

Finished Goods Inventory Remains Visible to Allow Resale Upon Demand

Finished Goods Inventory Remains Visible to Allow Resale Upon Demand

Less Non-pickup Waste and Disposal Expense

Less Non-pickup Waste and Disposal Expense

Data sheets printed at pickup.
Automatic retrieval of 14-day-old vials
Avoid Retrieval Errors at Checkout

Avoid Retrieval Errors at Checkout

Small Footprint

Small Footprint

Unmatched flexibility and security.

Unmatched flexibility and security.

Finished goods inventory locked securely
Bio ID’s clerk for access

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Unbeatable Features & Specs

RxRWC™ Features

  • Most advanced features industrywide, made in the USA
  • Unmatched flexibility and security
  • Accommodates all finished goods inventory
  • Accommodates all standard vial sizes
  • Avoids retrieval errors at check-out due to picking the wrong package
  • Finished goods inventory remains “visible” to allow resale upon demand
  • Automatic retrieval of 14-day-old vials
  • Finished goods inventory locked securely; requires bio ID for access
  • Vials stored separately to facilitate pick up
  • Data sheets are printed at pick up to avoid costly, no-pick-up waste and disposal expense
  • Small footprint
  • Less on hand inventory required
  • Intelligent software features without extravagant pricing markup

Specifications for RxRWC System

Dimensions W=20” L=85” H=95”
Weight 700 lbs. per RxWillCall™ tower
Capacity All finished goods vials
Retrieval Time 6 seconds
Communications Ethernet connection to controller
Internal Temperature/Humidity Same as pharmacy space
Internal Cleanliness HEPA filter / Positive pressure
Peripherals/Workstation Touch screen monitor / Biometric fingerprint readers/ Integrated barcode scanner / Keyboard / Mouse
Robotics Motion Controller Proprietary RxSafe motion control and logic
Software Proprietary RxSafe software and firmware

Specifications for RxSafe Controller

Computer Industrial quality with 2x500GB hard drives
Data Security RAID 1 onboard with full encryption
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7
Database Microsoft SQL Server
Power 110 volt A/C / 10 amp
Uninterruptible Power Supply 1500 VA / 1 hour “power-out” run time for controller

RxSafe Field Performance Data

Cost Reduction Automated retrieval saves labor
Unmatched accuracy
Unmatched security
Highest density storage
No more unsightly will call inventory
Bio ID required for access
Automated retrieval of 14-day inventory
Modular design accommodates all pharmacies

Custom Pharmacy Layout Services

Workflow Optimization Integrates RxSafe automation into existing pharmacy space